The Globify Method

Globify's mission is to enable you to master all the vocabulary needed to achieve 95%~98% comprehension in English using our Entertainment Media Flashcard service.

Did you know that the 3,000 most-used words in English comprise 95% of spoken and written English?

With this important discovery by linguistic scientists, it is now possible for everyone to achieve fluency in English in an efficient and measurable way.

To ensure you rapidly reach 95% comprehension, we teach the 3,000 most-used words in our Core 3000 Program.

In addition, to get you to 98% comprehension or higher, we also teach the most-used vocabulary terms (words, phrases and sentences) in a wide variety of topics. The result is the achievement of full fluency in English.
Making learning fun & memorable

How to learn vocabulary in context using Entertainment Media

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About our service

Key Features That Ensure
Your Rapid Vocabulary Expansion

Custom Vocabulary Decks

Offering specialized programs for the Core 3000, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, Business, Conversational English, and many other topics, our curriculum provides a focused approach to learning the most essential words and phrases relevant to your personal goals.

Entertainment Media Flashcards

Using short, fun clips from popular TV shows & movies, as well as engaging AI-generated images, you will learn English naturally and enjoyably using multiple contexts and scenarios. This method replicates how native speakers learn new vocabulary.
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Leitner System (Spaced Repetition) Integration

Spaced Repetition enables you to review vocabulary over increasing intervals of time, which strengthens your retention and recall capabilities. Ultimately, our system ensures that everything you learn is transferred to your long-term memory.

Tracking and Email Reminders

Tools to remind learners of their study schedule, monitor progress, and set goals guarantee a productive and successful learning experience
Scientifically Proven Method

Leitner System and Spaced Repetition

Globify’s Media Flashcard service integrates the powerful ‘Leitner System’, which is a scientifically proven method that uses Spaced Repetition to maximize learning efficiency.

Through Spaced Repetition, learners are exposed to new and more challenging Flashcards more frequently. Meanwhile, older and easier Flashcards are shown less frequently. This system allows learners to concentrate on the words they find most difficult.

The Leitner System’s “box” method will enable you to review Flashcards using different timelines based on your level of knowledge for each Flashcard.

Why the Leitner System is so effective:


Adaptive Learning

Focusing more on challenging cards and less on simpler ones optimizes your study efficiency.

Spaced Repetition

Reviewing flashcards over increasing periods of time ensures that new learnings are ultimately transferred to your long-term memory.

Active Recall

Actively recalling for answers from memory strengthens the neural pathways for those memories, making them more permanent.
Overcoming the Biggest Challenge in Language Learning

Curse of the Plateau Effect

The cause is learners being exposed to the same vocabulary, sentence patterns, and situations over and over again, even if they are using English daily.

The result is learners sticking to the vocabulary they are comfortable with and making little to no progress in their language performance.

The Plateau Effect is a discouraging and frustrating phenomenon where learners stop improving and remain at the same level despite continuous effort and practice.

Break through the Plateau

The Globify Method overcomes the Plateau Effect by systematically exposing you to the uncommon-yet-necessary vocabulary, phrases and sentences you need to achieve full fluency.

Quantifying Progress: Making Learning Measurable

Through progress tracking, emailing of study reminders based on proven Spaced Repetition algorithms, and the power of Entertainment Media to make learning fun using multiple contexts and scenarios, Globify provides you with a clear and measurable way to reach your language goals in the most effective, efficient and enjoyable way possible.
Globify — your best language partner imaginable.
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